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Nurturing Successful Relationships

To me relationships are all about mutual respect and care. It is about the freedom to communicate personal emotions with someone without the guilt or fear of being judged. While this may sound simple on the surface, it is not an easy task considering the age we live-in today. Many a times, I have been […]

My Childhood & Growing Up Years

My childhood and growing up years have played a significant role in shaping me up as the person I am today. Born and raised in Delhi, I spent the early part of my life in Punjabi Bagh, in the heart of the India’s capital city, Delhi. As the eldest of four siblings – a brother […]

Family Business – Creating an Institution

Simply put, a family business is an entity owned by a family wherein all decisions are influenced and impacted by its members. In most such businesses, the senior most executive – CEO/CMD – are individuals within the family. There are several advantages of a family run business. These include agility, faster decision making, stronger customer […]