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Transforming Jakson into a leading renewables & infrastructure player

Jakson Group’s story is one of transformation, a narrative that unfolds as we emerge as a leading player in the renewables and infrastructure sector, not just in India but internationally. We started our journey in 1947 as an electrical goods trading company in Delhi and this year we are expected to clock a revenue of […]

Effective Communication: A Way to Evolve your Leadership Skills

Communication is an attitude and not a skill. Effective communication is not what you convey to the other person – it is about what the other person understands. If another person cannot understand what you want to convey, it’s a communication failure.  For communicating with children, you kneel to the child’s level – it helps […]

Hydrogen based Energy Solutions – Clean Energy for a Cleaner Planet

Role of Hydrogen Since 1880, global temperature has risen by 1.1 Degree Centigrade.  Climate change exposes us to risks like natural disasters, health disasters, food epidemics, economic issues and disruption of supply chains. There is global commitment to limit temperature rise to ideally 1.5 degrees centigrade – this is the only way to sustain and […]


As I sit back and reflect on the past few months, I am awestruck at how much has changed in such a short time. A sudden disruption … A lockdown almost across nations, life being at a standstill… leaders confused or even clueless about the present and future of their organizations. This corona virus has […]

Exploring Renewable Energy Manufacturing In India

Renewable energy is energy derived from natural sources or renewable resources that are naturally replenished such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Considering the depletion of fossil fuels and the carbon emissions released, renewable energy is gaining momentum and will be the future of the energy industry. This green revolution will definitely […]

Nurturing Successful Relationships

To me relationships are all about mutual respect and care. It is about the freedom to communicate personal emotions with someone without the guilt or fear of being judged. While this may sound simple on the surface, it is not an easy task considering the age we live-in today. Many a times, I have been […]

Family Business – Creating an Institution

Simply put, a family business is an entity owned by a family wherein all decisions are influenced and impacted by its members. In most such businesses, the senior most executive – CEO/CMD – are individuals within the family. There are several advantages of a family run business. These include agility, faster decision making, stronger customer […]